What is Sixteen90?
Aquatrols Sixteen90 is
a safe, economical and proven alternative for turf managers interested in a longer lasting surfactant.  It is proven to remain effective in the soil for up to three months, reducing water repellency and promoting turf uniformity.

Why Sixteen90?
Aquatrols has gotten numerous requests from the field over the years for a  longer lasting surfactant.  Aquatrols prides itself on its commitment to quality products that have been backed by research and field trials.  After years, of testing, Aquatrols is confident that Sixteen90 is safe and effective on all highly maintained turf  regardless of turf type, environmental or climatic stress conditions - We Guarantee It!!

Why is Sixteen90 the "Best" Alternative?

As with all Aquatrols products, Sixteen90 is backed by extensive research, field performance and quality control.  Research shows better product performance over the competition and unmatched safety.  As some superintendents experienced during the drought of 2002, some competitive products either stopped working or discolored turf during these stressful times.  Aquatrols Sixteen90 was test marketed in the Northeast and showed great residual, safety and product performance for 90 days no matter what the turf or weather conditions.

How Long Will Sixteen90 Last?

The competition claims that their products last the duration of an "entire season", but season length will vary depending on what part of the country you are in.  Aquatrols guarantees that Sixteen90 will perform effectively for 90 days regardless of turf type, environmental or climatic stress conditions.  In some areas turf managers may experience longer performance with Sixteen90.   While many competitive products claim that they last for an entire season, actual experience and research shows that this is not true.

Sixteen90 - 16 ounces last 90 days - GUARANTEED!

Product Summary - liquid

Product Summary - granular


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