Man Trashes Slot Machine At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Cards, Jass Cards, Card Game, StrategyTommy Goldberg was sentenced to 6 days in prison, and forced to reimburse the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino complex for the damage he caused to this establishment. After losing several times on a slot, Tommy G. will hit the slot machine he was playing on until destroying the screen of the device. The footage from the surveillance video will overwhelm him in front of the judge at Woodbury courthouse.

He loses control after a few losses

A gambler lost patience after playing a slot machine multiple times at a casino in Iowa State, USA. The story takes place in the town of Sioux City, in the casino of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. After playing on a slot machine several times, Tommy Goldberg (52 years old) lost patience in front of his gaming screen. Tommy bet several times on a slot machine at the casino. Probably on a bad day the man was just recording failures and failures. In other words, Tommy was just losing money. But to play slot, the first thing to have are very solid nerves, because you can win big, but you can just as well lose big. This is probably what Tommy Goldberg missed at this famous Sioux City casino.

So, after registering this series of failures, Tommy lost control. He began to frantically press a button on the screen. Then, mad with rage, he started hitting the screen of the slot machine he was playing on. He punched him repeatedly with his punches, so hard that he ended up shattering the screen of the device.

Overwhelming evidence, 6 days in jail and over $ 1,000 in fines

Casino, Chip, Map, Play, Cube, AceAfter destroying his slot machine, Tommy Goldberg goes to a casino employee to ask for a blocked ticket. The employee was quick to notice that something was wrong with the player’s slot machine. When Tommy noticed the employee’s attention to the shattered slot screen, he directly made the excuse that he had found the slot screen to be already shattered.

To find out, a security guard was arrested, and the recorded videos were examined. Tommy could no longer justify himself in the face of the overwhelming images of the video surveillance. These presented him in the middle of an act of vandalism on the slot machine of the Hard Rock casino.

But the casino will not stop there. A complaint will be filed, and Tommy Goldberg will be brought before the courts. At the hearing in Woodbury courthouse, the criminal pleaded guilty. The charges went from being a third-degree charge to a second-degree charge. At the end of the hearing, Judge Julie Schumacher ordered Tommy Goldberg to serve 6 days in prison and a fine of $ 625, in addition to the $ 1,050 he must pay in damages. at the Hard Rock Casino.

Either way, never forget to stay in control of your emotions when playing at the casino (online as well as in the hall). Digest your defeat for a day and wait for your lucky day?