The "All-In-One" Non-Selective Herbicide.

GlyphoMate™ 41 Weed & Grass plus Aquatic Herbicide is an essential tool for the manager responsible for weed control in and around ponds and lakes as well as weeds and grass in landscape and renovation areas. Labeled for both aquatic and terrestrial use, this "all-in-one" glyphosate product has a surfactant built in to the formulation.

A low-odor formulation, GlyphoMate 41 can be applied without raising unnecessary concerns over pesticide applications. This product is generally rain-fast in 6-8 hours, therefore, less of a concern about weather interference. When renovating turf, you can reseed immediately. However, renovation tillage should be delayed for 7 days to allow translocation of the herbicide to occur.

Use GlyphoMate 41 to edge around trees, shrubs and along fencelines to eliminate damage from mechanical equipment.

Also ideal for spring Bermudagrass release, GlyphoMate 41 controls many winter annual weeds and grasses.

In aquatic areas, GlyphoMate 41 controls weeds that have emerged above the water line. This product does not control plants that are submerged. There is no restriction on the use of treated water for irrigation, recreation or domestic purposes.

GlyphoMate 41 has favorable environmental characteristics; it is broken down by microbial degradation. GlyphoMate 41 has no residual soil activity and is not absorbed by plant roots. GlyphoMate 41 binds tightly to soil particles and is non-volatile. This product can be used for wildlife habitat restoration and management areas.

GlyphoMate 41 has a CAUTION signal word.

Product Highlights

  • Non-selective weed and grass control
  • "All-In-One" herbicide — labeled for both aquatic and terrestrial weed and grass control use
  • Contains surfactant
  • Ideal for edging, spot treatment, turf renovations, aquatic sites and many other approved uses
  • Controls over 200 tough weeds, grass and brush species — including the roots 
  • Tightly binds to soil particles 
  • Non-volatile
  • Rain-fast in 6 hours 
  • Reseed immediately or after 7 days if tillage is necessary

Product Label

GlyphoMate 41


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