For years superintendents have dealt with Fairy Ring in several different ways. Wetting agents, masking fertility treatments, physical removal, and chemical controls have all been tried with varying levels ofsuccess. Part of the problem is the fact that so many species of Fairy Ring are responsible for the problem and it is nearly impossible for a superintendent to determine which species he may be dealing with.

So if you are going to treat Fairy Ring, you need to keep a few things in mind.

The first is that the target pest is in the soil. If you make an application with low water volume and not water it in, then you’ll likely not be satisfied with the result. In addition, if you are working in tight soils be sure to add a matrix type wetting agent (Primer, Soaker, Respond, for example) to help move your active ingredient to the point of infection. Finally, be sure to read and follow the labeled directions since each product labeled for Fairy Ring will have slightly different requirements.

In the case of Endorse, Cleary recommends two to three applications of Endorse at a four-ounce rate mixed with a wetting agent. And if you can spike or aerify the area prior to treatment, you will increase your chance of success. Endorse has been so successful in treating Fairy Ring, superintendents have regretted using anything other than Endorse.

“Endorse was the only thing that controlled the strange Fairy Ring I was dealing with.” Mike Yenny, Superintendent at Mayfield Country Club, (Mayfield, Ohio) told me during my recent visit. He had tried several other products to treat fairy ring, but had little success with any of the treatments.

Endorse Wettable Powder Turf Fungicide provides superintendents with an effective alternative to control the toughest diseases on their tees, greens and fairways


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