Syngenta Professional Products is bringing this combination to the turf industry first, with plans to register the product later for ornamentals. We have completed only a few trials to date, including one on powdery mildew of crape myrtle Á (Concert was the best product in this trial) and one on Cercospora leaf spot (see Figure 2, right). We treated the myrtle before inoculating them and again afterwards for a total of four applications on a 14-day interval. This leaf spot was relatively slow in developing, thus the length of the trial. In this case, the chlorothalonil (Daconil Ultrex, Syngenta Professional Products) portion of Concert was most responsible for the excellent control achieved, since the propiconazole (Banner MAXX, Syngenta Professional Products) did allow a few leaf spots to develop. Similarly, the other sterol inhibitor (Eagle, Dow AgroSciences) had a few spots, whereas each of the strobilurins tested (Compass O, OHP; Insignia, BASF Corporation; and Heritage, Syngenta Professional Products) were 100-percent effective in preventing this Cercospora leaf spot on myrtle.

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